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Start with the first switch machine of Huawei in 1994, Yuda have gone through nearly 20 years in the fiber optic communication area. Now YUDA not only located in Ningbo ,where is the FTTH center,but also have new production center in Jilin,covering area nearly 23000 Sqm,owning 1500 workers,reaching the production capacity of PLC Splitter in 800,000 pcs and fiber optical connectors in10,000,000 pcs per month.As the national high-tech enterprise,YUDA’s person also striving more efforts on the innovation.50 patents ,15 invention patents have been attained.

Switch Machine

FIBCONET focus on the fiber optical components,such as PLC splitter,patch cord,adapter, connectors etc.Especially for the PLC spliiter, it can work in the extremely cold environment.Even in the -50 centigrade degree,like in Russia,FIBCONET’s PLC can still help transmit the optical signal very well , And if you hope to get the 0.1 db for insert loss on your connectors ,which is hard for the regular production,YUDA also have the ability to reach for you .

FIBCONET supply the goods all over the world through the trading company and agent, like Corning in the USA,Vodafone in the Europe,Furukawa in Japan.,etc.ISO9001,Rohs,TLC certificate have already been approved by the market and our customer.

With the new corporate vision :To be the top one supplier for the fiber optical components,  which will focus much in the international market with high standard.Our customer will also enjoy the one stop service in the FTTH industry.

“Keep connecting “is our Motto, not only means that we produce the connectors and connect the fiber optic equipment,but also connect with the new technology , connect with our every YUDA’s person, connect with our customers worldwide. Hope to find the Connectivity solution?

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Development History

Development History
  1. 1994

    Start with the first set of Huawei’s switch machine in Zhejiang- enter into the fiber optical communiation area


  2. 2000

    Founded in 2000 and developed the adapter first


  3. 2006

    Set up fiber optic patch cord production line and grows up rapidly

  4. 2009

    Established PLC Splitter workshop

  5. 2013

    HI-tech enterprise qualification


  6. 2015

    Sales volume over $20 million


  7. 2019

    Set up new factory in Jilin province and be the largest production center of PLC in China

Honor Certificate

Development History

As the national high-tech enterprise,FIBCONET’s person also striving more efforts on the
innovation.50 patents ,15 invention patents have been attained.


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